Why to use AT-Patch?

An 14-day test helps doctors diagnose more accurately. Patients can enjoy normal daily activities during wearing it.

More suitable way
of finding irregular hearbeats

It is important that the first step for a more reliable diagnosis is finding your irregular heartbeats.
AT-Patch, AT-Note, and AT-Report can record and analyze your heartbeats and help your doctor to diagnose your heart condition and to begin treatment.

ECG shows much more

Electrocardiogram(ECG or EKG) is a way of measuring the electrical activity of heartbeats that leads to contraction called systole and relaxation called diastole. Each heartbeat has an electrical wave, and some particular patterns of waves can indicate some risk of diseases related to heart.
AT-Heart provides patients and doctors an ease-to-use method to gather ECG data from heart and more efficient data form to prescribe suitable treatment.

Ambulatory and Patient-friendly monitor needed

The word, ‘Ambulatory’ means you can be mobile during wearing the monitor. There are many cases of heart problems not founded in a short-time test in hospital but appear in everyday life. That is why ambulatory devices are needed to find Arrhythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, or irregular heartbeats.

AT-Patch(ATP-C130) is an ambulatory monitor designed for patch-type. You can simply attach it to your chest. This monitor is obviously light and compact size and meets the grade of shower proof(IP57). It operates while you work, exercise, eat, sleep, and shower. Its patient-friendly shape and function help you to spend time as usual and enjoy your normal daily activities during wearing it. But it is demanded not to submerge, not to apply body lotion near to attachment part, and not to sweat a lot to use it as long as possible.

Also, you can easily write your symptoms on AT-Note(ATN-C130), an app for smartphones. You need not carry another note and pen to write.

Uninterrupted Long-term Monitor necessary

Many abnormal cardiac events occur intermittently. If you want to find out some on-and-off abnormal heartbeats, short-time usable methods such as a brief test in a hospital or holter monitoring may not be sufficient to meet your needs. Until now, the popular ambulatory ECG monitor is holter monitor worn for about 24 hours. But if irregular heartbeats appear after detaching holter, you have a bare chance to get timely treatment. For that reason, an uninterrupted long-term ECG monitor is necessary.

※ An ATsens’ staff test results using AT-Patch : The above data is a software test result, not a final clinical outcome.

You can easily detect irregular heartbeats through 14-day uninterrupted ambulatory cardiac monitoring. That’s why you need AT-Patch. Now, Long-Term Cardiac Monitoring is a new paradigm for finding many heart problems. AT-Patch operates for up to 14 days(active mode). This uninterrupted long-term monitor can overcome the limitations short-time monitors have. Furthermore, you can check your live ECG data by AT-Note. If you see your ECG data on the screen, your AT-Patch is in working order.

AT-Heart solution is professional medical device line

AT-Patch, AT-Note and AT-Report(ATR-C130) belong to professional medical device category, not general industrial goods. That means a prescription by a doctor is required before you buy and use these devices.

Medical devices are commonly known as more accurate and stable devices than general industrial goods in the medical fields. Because medical devices are directly relevant to persons’ health and life. That is why requirements for medical devices are define by law in many countries.

AT-Heart series including AT-Patch, AT-Note and AT-Report has obtained certification as follows:
– Certification of Medical Device Manufacturing in Korea, Rep. 
– Certification of CE Medical Devices Directive, in Europe