ATsens’ R&D Center
always makes new things

Advanced Technology becomes a reality.

Half of the staff are
R&D persons in ATsens

All members of ATsens’ R&D Center are now developing futuristic technologies in innovative ways.

ATsens has 23 Patents on Electrocardiogram

In the last three years, the company has applied for 23 patents and two out of them have been registered. Those all patents are related to electrocardiogram and essential for ATsens’ business.
There are eleven patents on original sensing technology and equipment design. Eight of patents are about ECG signal processing algorithms. The other four patents are about AI algorithms for ECG analysis.
ATsens’ R&D is accelerating.

AT-Patch Publications

A clinical research paper using AT-Patch was published in the journal of Korean Medical Science in November 2020.

· the journal of Korean Medical Science. 2020 Nov 16; 35(44): e363.

“Comparison of Continuous ECG Monitoring by Wearable Patch Device and Conventional Telemonitoring Device”

· Wonsuk Choi, Sun-Hwa Kim, Wonjae Lee, Si-Hyuck Kang, Chang-Hwan Yoon,corresponding author Tae-Jin Youn, and In-Ho Chae

Read the paper

Carry out Leading Projects
with Medical Institutions

ATsens’ R&D Center have carried out government assistance tasks
with major madical institutions to develop and apply new technologies.


The project of developing a small, lightweight and low-powered patch-type electrocardiograph with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

A pilot study of non-inferiority trial of new attachable ECG monitoring device with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

In Progress

The project of developing a biometric smart-patch device combines a respiration and electrocardiogram technology and a program interlinked PC with Gachon University Gil Medical Center

An observational study to check the incidence of arrhythmia in acute Myocardial Infarction using an attached ECG device(ATPC130) with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

A pilot study comparing short and long term change of heart rate variability after radiofrequency ablation and Cryoballoon ablation for atrial fibrillation using 14-day novel adhesive patch electrocardiographic monitoring with Asan Medical Center in Seoul

A study on the Atrial fibrillation detection performance of ATP-C130, a patch-type ECG monitor for high-risk groups with Atrial fibrillation with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Kyungpook National University Hospital