How to use?
5 Easy Steps

After your doctor’s prescription,
you can use AT-Patch with ease.

User Tips For AT-Patch

5 Easy Steps

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Step 1. Apply AT-Patch

Step 2. Spend time as usual

AT-Patch can be worn up to 14 days. Enjoy your normal daily activities. If you feel anything that might be related to unusual heart rhythm, push the power-button shortly on AT-Patch. You can find the pop-up note and record symptoms in AT-Note app.

Step 3. Return AT-Patch

When it is time to remove the monitor, return AT-Patch, and the recorded data on the AT-Note to your hospital.

Step 4. ECG Data Analysis

A clinician will analyze your heart data using AT-Report S/W. And he/she will generate a Final Report.

Step 5. Doctor’s Review

The Final Report generated from AT-Report S/W provides more accurate information. The report is delivered to doctors for review and interpretation. Visit your hospital and meet your doctor. Your doctor will diagnose your condition.

Caution : For more detail information, please refer to the manual enclosed in the package of AT-Patch or the guide displayed on AT- Note app.
Disclaimer : The above steps are specifically for Korea, Rep. Using procedure can differ with countries.